Always Look Behind You!


Always Look Behind YouAs photographers we can be so immersed in our craft and stay focused on the subject at hand that we miss what is around us.

This photograph of Cathedral Mountain in Banff National Park was a result of looking around. I was intently photographing the activity of nesting ospreys as the adults were feeding young chicks. After about an hour of capturing the daily life of nesting ospreys, I just happened to look over my shoulder. To my surprise and delight I saw the sun breaking through clouds and a rising fog on the distant mountain peak. As the scene evolved, it turned into a magnificent alpine glow. I lost all interest in the osprey activity!

This photograph won 3rd Place Landscapes, Members Choice Award at the 2019 Carolinas Nature Photographers Association (CNPA) Annual Meeting. In addition, it received a 1st Place in the Photography Category and 2nd place Overall Winning Artist Category in the Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery 2018 Landscapes Art Exhibition. It also received a merit award in the Landscape-Mountain category of the 2018 37th Glennie Nature Salon International Photography Competition.

So, the take away from this photo is to always be aware of what is a round you, take a look over your shoulder and who knows, maybe your next photo will be a special edition!

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